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Professional Counseling

Professional Counseling: Everyone needs an outlet and we are here to listen. We use an ecletic counseling approach and sessions vary from 30-60 minutes. Prices vary and a sliding scale fee is available

Notary Public

Notary Public: Do you have an important document that needs to be notarized? We provide in office and mobile services. Prices start at $6

Alcohol Awareness Classes for Minors

Alcohol Awareness Classes for Minors: UNDER 21 and caught drinking and/or holding an alcoholic beverage? Ordered by a judge, lawyer, or college campus to take a Texas approved/certified class? We got you covered. You’ll receive your certificate right away. Price is only $65 Visit Live Drug and Alcohol Free

Professional Speaking

2013 Mega Fest Speaker, Licensed Professional  Counselor and College Planning Expert presents step-by-step guidance to prepare youth groups and parents for life after high school.  Learn about deadlines, grade level checklist, scholarships, financial aid negotiation, essays, and personal development. Let Miracle conduct the right seminar/workshop for you.

College & Career Prep

College & Career Prep: HELP, I have a child who needs to prepare for life after high school and I don’t know what to do. No problem, we got you covered. We offer services for middle school and high school students. Let us customize a plan for you.

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